April 19, 2013


Acquires to Properly Dispose of Food Waste

Pedalers Fork, located in Old Town Calabasas, CA, installed a Liquid Food Composter, from Power Knot to digest its food waste.  With an emphasis on being clean and green, the restaurant prides itself on the acquisition which precludes hundreds of pounds of food waste, per day, from ending up in a landfill.  

The LFC is a biological high technology digester that is totally green and saves the mess, cost, and inconvenience of dumping the waste on a landfill. The LFC reduces the carbon footprint of the company by over 800,000 lb (400 tonne) CO2e per year and has a payback of less than two years.

Opened in 2013, Pedalers Fork is constructed, at least in part, of reclaimed material and prepares meals using ingredients primarily from local farmers.

Pedalers acquired an LFC-200, a machine that can digest up to 800 lb (360 kg) of food waste per day.  The output, nutrient-rich "gray water", is sent down the drain, so the machine never needs emptying.

The owners designed the space for the LFC while the building was being constructed.  I"It's the right thing to do," said Tim Rettle, co-owner of the restaurant.  "It doesn't make sense to discard the waste food on a landfill and other restaurants owner's should be doing this."

Dan Murray, Executive Chef at Pedalers Fork was enthusiastic about the operation of the machine and stated, "The LFC digests over 300 lb of waste per day.  There's no noise, no smells, and it uses little water."  Along with other measures implemented by the restaurant, Pedalers Fork is one of the greenest restaurants in California.

As a green restaurant, association with all things environmentally conscious is paramount to the construction and operation of the restaurant.  With all the measures implemented by the restaurant, Pedalers Fork is one of the greenest restaurants in Southern California.

About Pedalers Fork

Pedalers Fork is a farm to table restaurant situated in old town Calabasas, California. The restaurant places an emphasis on living and eating healthy and in harmony with the environment. The restaurant has 220 seats with many outdoors that overlook the adjacent creek. Pedalers Fork incorporates a boutique bike shop that sells and repairs bicycles to further enhance the lifestyle of its patrons. The menu is always changing to serve fresh quality foods that are in season locally.

For more information, access http://www.pedalersfork.com.