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In the past controlling humidity in your cooler, freezer, cold storage warehouse or refrigerated trailer meant investing in one or more types of expensive and power-hungry dehumidification technologies that did nothing to regulate ethylene gas. Today it means placing a Greenguard Moisture and Humidity Control Panel in your cooler and/or freezer or the return-air side of the cooling unit in your cold storage facility, as close to the ceiling as possible.  That's it! That's all you have to do enjoy the benefits of the Greengaurd Effect.

Save up to 27% on cooling cost

Add years of life to cooling equipment

Reduce fuel burn by up to 28% in reefer trucks 

Extend the shelf life of produce and flora by up to 30%

Eliminates odors, mold, mildew and some bacteria 

Vertical Installation: Use the tie wraps or, optionally, 2 magnets to hang it from the ceiling of you cooler, freezer or refrigerated trailer.

Easy installation

Install vertically or horizontally (low-profile)

Works for up to 120 days

A single panel treats up to 900 cu. sq. ft.

Light weight and flexible

Low-profile Install: For a space-saving, cleaner look, use 4 magnets to attach the panel to the ceiling.

Made from an all-natural, biodegradable compound 

Contains no harmful chemicals

Pick up and disposal available

Does not need a power supply

Greenguard Panels are made from an all natural, biodegradable compound and contains no toxic chemicals.

Let's face it.  At every stage of the cold chain distribution process providers are challenged by the need to maintain relative humidity and/or moisture at an optimal level, to preclude the proliferation of ice, bacteria, mold, mildew, and in the case of produce purveyors, ethylene gas.  Ice buildup on coils, floors and packaging, obscures bar codes, and/or damages the contents, leading to increased cooling cost, reduced product handling efficiency and customer dissatisfaction.  It also creates a dangerous and unhealthy work environment for staff members.  Greenguard Moisture and Humidity Control Panels are the first passive filtering system that help you maintain optimal conditions in your cold storage facilities.  To learn more about how you can experience all the benefits of Greenguard Effect, click on the button below or call us at call (833) 672-8882You can also email us at greenguard@wasteNEGATIVE.earth.

GREENGUARD Environmental Panels are a product of Green Guard Environmental Filters, LLC, a California company and are being distributed and sold in the Southern United States by Waste Negative, Inc., a Mississippi corporation.